Janitex Alcohol Wipes

Janitex Wipes are perfect solution for personal hygiene while protecting your loved ones and your skin. Its resealable lid retains your wipes moisture. You can both clean your skin and safely use on any surfaces such as cell phones, door handles, toys, kitchen counters, bathroom surfaces, elevators, office, classroom, pet area, locker room and more.
  • 75% Ethyl Alcohol
  • 80 Count Canister
  • Multi-Purpose 
  • ​Kills 99.9% of Known Germs
  • ​Wipe Size: 5.9" x 6.5" 
  • 75% Ethyl Alcohol
  • 160 Count Tub
  • Multi-Purpose 
  • ​Kills 99.9% of Known Germs
  • ​Wipe Size: 5.9" x 7.9" 
  • 80 Wipes per Tub
  • 12 Canisters per Case
  • ​110 Cases per Pallet
  • ​28 Pallets per Container
  • ​36,960 Canisters per Container

Mr. Nano Fixit Defense Disinfecting Wipes - EPA Approved!

Mr. Nano™ Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Wipes for home or office use. Perfect on the go and kills bacteria and viruses on surfaces instantly.

Specially formulated disinfecting wipes to eliminate viruses and kill bacteria upon application. Unscented, odor-free yet tough on unwanted microbes on surfaces that might cause infection.

Kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses

FDA / EPA Approved

  • FDA & EPA Approved
  • 2-Minute Kill Time
  • Strong Disinfection Formula 
  • ​Unscented & Odor Free
  • ​80 and 800 Count Tubs
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